Seminar: Specialised topics in Motivation & Emotion (English)

Dr. Wataru Toyokawa
Thu 17:00 - 18:30 | Room C 424


Through reading selected journal articles, we will examine how human behaviour can easily violate traditional notions of rationality. We will find that human behaviour can be better understood through the lens of heuristics and computational models of decision-making, including (but not limited to) prospect theory, reinforcement learning, communication, game theory, and social learning strategies. You may also discover how decision science and behavioural biology are closely related to each other.
Keywords: Risk aversion; learning and decision-making; cooperation; free-riding; social learning; collective decision-making; wisdom of crowds

Learning objectives:

Critical reading and discussion; description of essential theories and identification of empirical findings that support or undermine specific claim; concise formulation and justification of one’s own argument.