Seminar: Social rationality (Deutsch)

Dr. Hansjörg Neth
Tue 13:30 – 15:30 | Room D 522

In this seminar we will examine and discuss basic notions of individual and social rationality. We will then familiarize ourselves with different phenomena of social rationality (e.g., social heuristics, group decisions, wisdom of crowds, opinion dynamics, social sampling, moral reasoning) and sketch and explore some of the surrounding controversies. Finally, we will investigate the implications of these approaches in applied contexts and domains.
The seminar is structured in a reading group format. All participants read the same text and every participant leads a particular discussion once (as part of a collaborative group of 2–3 peers).

Keywords: Advice taking, collective behavior, social decision making, group processes, moral behavior, wisdom of crowds.

Please note: This seminar is in English, but don't let this scare you — it's not expected that your English is perfect.

Evaluation: Course performance will primarily be based on the quality of written materials. Attendance, general class participation, and the quality of presentations/discussions contribute to the final grade.