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We practice and preach Social Psychology and Decision Sciences at the Department of Psychology of the University of Konstanz, Germany.

Courses in winter 2020/2021

Forschungskolloquium Decision Making
Research Colloquium on Psychology of Decision Making
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Gaissmaier
In diesem Kolloquium werden, neben Gastvorträgen, laufende Abschluss- und Qualifikationsarbeiten vorgestellt und diskutiert.
Creditvergabe ausschließlich als Teil des Abschlussmoduls im Studiengang vierjähriger Bachelor Psychologie!
Di 15:15–16:45
Das Forschungskolloquium findet digital statt.

Seminar Sozialpsychologie: Grundlagen der Entscheidungsfindung
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Gaissmaier
Es werden sozialpsychologische Grundlagen der Entscheidungsforschung vermittelt, diskutiert und kritisch hinterfragt.

Gruppe A in Präsenz
Do 17:00–18:30 | Raum A600
Gruppe B digital
Do 10:00 - 11:30

Seminar Data Science for Psychologists
The course Data Science for Psychologists provides an introduction to data science in R and conveys fundamental skills of data literacy and conducting reproducible research.  The curriculum is tailored to the needs of psychologists, but is also suited for students of the humanities and other biological or social sciences. It is targeted at advanced undergraduate students (with some familiarity with quantitative research methods, but little or no background in computer programming).
Dr. Hansjörg Neth
Mo 15:15–16:45 | Room R513/online
ZEUS | ILIAS | ds4psy ebook | R package

Seminar Introduction to Data Science (using R, ADILT)
This course provides an introduction to data science for students of any discipline with little or no background in data analysis or computer programming. Based on notions of representation, measurement, and modeling, we examine key data types (e.g., logicals, numbers, text) and learn to clean, summarize, transform, and visualize (rectangular) data.  By reflecting on the relations between representations, tasks, and tools, the course promotes data literacy and cultivates reproducible research practices that enable and precede any practical use of programming or statistics.
Dr. Hansjörg Neth
Do 13:30–15:00 | Raum C336/online
ZEUS | ILIAS | i2ds ebook

Seminar Soziale Rationalität
In this seminar we will first examine basic notions of individual and social rationality. We will then familiarize ourselves with various phenomena of social rationality (e.g., social heuristics, group decisions, wisdom of crowds, opinion dynamics, social sampling, moral reasoning) and sketch and explore some of the surrounding controversies.  Finally, we will investigate the implications of these approaches in applied contexts and domains.  The seminar is structured in a reading group format. All participants study the same text and every participant leads a particular discussion once (as part of a collaborative group of 2–3 peers).
Dr. Hansjörg Neth
Mo 13:30–15:00 | Raum C336/online

Online-Seminar Introductory data visualisation and model simulation for psychologists
Dr. Wataru Toyokawa
Do 10:00–11:30

Online-Seminar on social learning, collective behaviour, and cultural evolution
Dr. Wataru Toyokawa
Do 11:45–13:15